We invented the marijuana barrel aging technique.  We cure our blends in old whiskey, rum, tequila and wine barrels that influence bursting flavor complexities offered by noone else in the world.


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 single barrel

Available 2014 selections-

A limited supply  of four distinct blends are available from the King of Buds for 2014 .   Our inaugural Red Lion, Blue Lion, Green Lion and Orange Lion blends are truly fit for a king.


Available 2015 selections-

Available in mid-February, two new distinct flavors will be added to our aging lineup and will be available to select stores.  Our twice used Merlot and Cabernet oak barrels can’t just be enjoyed, but must be savored by the true connoisseur.


You deserve nothing less than royal treatment on your birthday, graduation, and anniversary.  Ring in the new year and spark up the wedding with Prohibition Brands.